You Said Forever

Charlotte Goodman is living the dream.


Surrounded by family, friends and a stunning vineyard overlooking the ocean, it would be difficult for anyone to believe that she has a troubled past.


However, haunted by the theft of a young girl, Charlotte begins to realise the enormity of something she did many years ago, and soon finds herself having to make the most harrowing decision any woman would ever have to face.

Reviews for “You Said Forever”

  • sarah says:

    I just wondered as I love every book I read of Susan lewis
    Will there be a sequel to the moment she left
    Will andie lawerance find her sister penny?

    • Susan Lewis says:

      Hi Sarah, there is no sequel as such to the moment she left, but we do find out what happened to Andee’s sister in Hiding in Plain Sight which is due out on August 10th (2017) 🙂

  • Sarah Morgan says:

    I have recently read ‘You said forever’ whilst on holidays. I couldn’t put it down. What a compelling book. Unfortunately I didn’t research into the title prior to starting my read and didn’t realise until well into the story that it must have been part of a sequence of titles. However what I love about the Susan Lewis books are their ability to make you feel absorbed and gripped within the story no matter what stage you enter the sequence. If you start on book one, you are capitivated and ready for the next book, or if you start in the middle of the sequence you feel as though the book is a unique read.
    I have always been a big fan of Susan Lewis’s books and have read most of her books up until having my young children and holding down a busy career. This is the first fiction book I have read in 5 years and I am so glad I made the choice to return to reading Susan Lewis books. I am already looking for advice on what sequence of books to read next. Can anyone advise me please?
    Many thanks from one happy reader to another.

    • Susan Lewis says:

      Hi Sarah, if you go to the “books” page on this website it will tell you which ones run in order. 🙂

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