The Choice

Sometimes the choice is too hard to bear…


Nikki Grant is only twenty-one when she discovers she’s pregnant. Despite her parents’ disappointment and anger, she welcomes the news with joy. The baby will complete the happy home she shares with the man she adores, Spencer James.


Baby Zac arrives and is perfect in every way. And with Spencer’s career taking off they are ready to make the big move to London. And then, on a day like any other, Nikki suddenly finds her life turned upside down by tragedy. As she becomes evermore embroiled in a world she cannot escape, the love between Nikki and her son is put to the kind of test no mother should ever have to face…

Reviews for “The Choice”

  • Drishti says:

    I have just finished reading your this book and I’m completely left speechless and heartbroken.Speechless cause it actually takes a lot will and power to do such kind of act what Nikki did and heartbroken cause the way Zac was taken away from her. Your story was complete in all aspect and I was satisfied the manner it ended and me not wanting more to know or not lingering upon it. Great work and thank you for writing such an amazing one.

  • Zainab says:

    I have just finished reading this book and have read most of your books- Absolutely loved this book! Thank
    you for writing such amazing books!!!
    Zainab x

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