The Truth About You

By Susan Lewis

A powerful and engaging page-turner from Sunday Times bestselling author Susan Lewis

Lainey Hollingsworth has spent her whole life on the outside of a secret.

Her mother would never discuss the reasons she abandoned Italy when Lainey was a newborn, nor has she stayed in touch with the family she left behind.

Now Lainey’s mother is dead, taking the secret with her, and leaving Lainey free to find out about her roots.

While her husband, Tom, appears supportive, he hits her with a bombshell that shatters the very foundations of their marriage. Another secret Lainey never knew anything about.

Shaken, but more determined than ever to find out who she really is, Lainey takes her children to Umbria in search of answers.

What she finds in the sleepy, sunbaked village of her birth will turn her world inside out…