Everything in Rhiannon’s life is perfect. Her career is on the up and Oliver, the great love of her life, has just asked her to marry him. The future couldn’t look better.


But their married bliss soon starts to evaporate when Oliver’s power-crazed boss decides that Rhiannon is an unsuitable wife. And when American billionaire Max Romanov, engaged to supermodel Galina Casimir, turns his charm on her, Rhiannon is overcome by the intensity of her feelings for this enigmatic man who proves to be a challenge too hard to resist.


Until the web of passion becomes more and more tangled and threatens to destroy a love that consumes like wildfire…

Reviews for “Wildfire”

  • Chloe Nash says:

    Due to my low concentration I have never enjoyed reading… until now! My friend recommended this book,I started to read it and was immediately gripped, I cannot wait to read more of your books.

    • Susan Lewis says:

      That’s fantastic, Chloe. I’m so pleased you’re reading, and I feel very honoured that it was one of my books that got you into it. I really hope you enjoy more of them.

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