Wicked Beauty

Tim and Rachel Hendon are riding high on an ideal marriage and growing political success. Tim is already in the Cabinet, and as they celebrate yet another election victory, they have no idea that they are on the eve of a nightmare that is going to totally devastate their lives.


After a high-profile murder, Katherine Sumner has disappeared. Is she the killer? Everybody suspects here because of the beautiful tattoos for girls she has on her body. Or will the information she has on top government officials make hers the next body to turn up on the coroner’s table?


Certain that Katherine is alive and in hiding, acclaimed reporter Laurie Forbes joins forces with Rachel Hendon to search out the truth behind one of the World’s most secretive and dangerous organisations.

Reviews for “Wicked Beauty”

  • Elise James says:

    I loved the book. And my favourite couple was Chris and Rachel. I loved that they were mentioned in the other two books which followed in the series but I’m hoping that you could maybe write another book where they are the main characters because to be honest their story, or in my case, their romance was never explored like the other couples you write about. Please consider me.

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