Kirsten Meredith is a successful, rich and beautiful woman who seems to have it all. But she is also a woman haunted by her past which threatens to ruin her life – a lingering past of loneliness and rejection. And most dangerous of all, of burning vengeance.


Lawrence McAllister is the man who walked out on her and broke her heart. Yet he is the only man who can help her fight her worst enemy – Dyllis Fisher, a woman who has vowed to destroy Kirsten’s life at all costs. And in a world where bitter vengeance will know no limit, Kirsten needs all the help she can get…

Reviews for “Vengeance”

  • samantha gutsa says:

    this novel is so enticing and captivating. once you start,you cannot put it down and it is in no way predictable. the plot is so well thought out as well. this book is what made Susan Lewis my favorite author of all time

  • m marozve says:

    really interesting bk

  • Phindi Ndebele says:

    I read it three years ago and up to today I still haven’t found a book as great. I love it and I would read it a million times over. One of the best Susan has written

  • genius makuyana says:

    this is a well worded novel a must read when i read it i couldn’t put it down and since i have repeated it a lot thank you Susan for your book

  • Sarah says:

    WOW….This book had me gripped from the very beginning. Extremely well written, I didn’t want it to end! Definitely one of my favorites by Susan 🙂

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