Silent Truths

When journalist Laurie Forbes turns up on Beth Ashby’s doorstep, minutes after Beth’s husband, political high-flier Colin Ashby, has been arrested for murder, neither can even begin to guess the shocking repercussions that have just been triggered in both their lives.


Beth attempts to escape from her shattered life by throwing herself into the kind of reckless high-living that seems destined for disaster, while Laurie finds herself being threatened, terrorised and even taken prisoner for what she knows.


As the dangerous truth draws closer, Laurie realises that if she is to save Beth from those already preparing to destroy her, she must put her trust in hated rival journalist Elliot Russell and face up to a ghost from the past.

Reviews for “Silent Truths”

  • Diana says:

    The book takes you through the journalist investigation of a national scandal. It invokes thoughts and theories of where the investigation is going, while the journalists involved must come to terms with their own past for the sake of the investigation. The main character Beth Ashby is intriguing and infuriating as events evolve her from a shy woman into a an over confident diva. The conclusion of the investigation was fantastically traumatic. My only minor criticism is that I felt the story came to a natural conclusion once the scandal hit the news so the last few pages in my eyes were, although very well written, unnecessary. I can’t wait to read my next Susan Lewis books

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