No Turning Back

Eva Montgomery is at the peak of her career when she is viciously attacked by a stalker. While still traumatised, she makes the biggest mistake of her life – one she can never turn back from.


Sixteen years later, Eva has managed to rebuild her life in a way that seemed impossible after the attack. Her home in Dorset, high on the cliffs overlooking the sea, is as elegant as she is, but bears none of the scars. To an outsider, her world seems perfect in every way.


Then the past invades the present – with shattering consequences.


Hurt, frightened and confused, Eva struggles desperately to put right the terrible mistake she made sixteen years ago and finally break free from a past that nearly destroyed her.

Reviews for “No Turning Back”

  • Safae says:

    Susan this book is amazing
    You are my number one favourite author
    It was a really sad and touching book
    Really loved whend Richie met Eva his mother and Nick his father
    Really did not want the book to end
    And hope you are well
    And hope to see more fantastic books of yours

  • Sarah Hadley says:

    love love love this book, actually i love all your books. Your characters seem so real, please keep writing them.

  • Samala says:

    Good book

  • Rebecca says:

    ‘No Turning Back’ was the first book of Susan’s that I read. I definitely will be reading more of them as this one captivated me. I was blown away, not only by the wonderful storyline, but also by the remarkable characters. I have read a huge amount of books and I have to say that ‘No Turning Back’ would, without a shadow of a doubt, be one of my favourite.

    Thank you, Susan, for such a wonderful story. It was a privilege to read such a page turner. I look forward to reading more of your work.

    • Susan Lewis says:

      That’s a very welcome piece of news. I’m delighted you enjoyed the book so much that you want to read more. You might be interested to know that No Child of Mine and Don’t Let Me Go are a pair (in that order) should you happen to choose one of them. Good luck, I hope you continue to enjoy them.

  • Sarah Pask says:

    Another brilliant read.

    I love how Susan’s writing style draws you into the characters life. When reading her books I am completely submerged into the story as though I am there.

    • Susan Lewis says:

      That’s absolutely lovely to hear, Sarah, thank you. I know it’s where we all want to be in a book, so it’s extremely encouraging to know that I succeeded here!

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