Just One More Day

In 1960s Bristol, a family is overshadowed by tragedy

While Susan, a typically feisty seven-year-old, is busy being brave, her mother, Eddress, is struggling for courage. Though bound by an indestructible love, their journey through a world that is darkening with tragedy is fraught with the kind of misunderstandings that bring as much laughter as pain, and as many dreams as nightmares. How does a child cope when faced with a wall of adult secrets? What does a mother do when her biggest fear starts to become a reality? Because it’s the Sixties, and because it’s shameful to own up to feelings, Eddress tries to deny the truth, while Susan creates a world that will never allow her mother to leave.


Set in a world where a fridge is a luxury, cars have starting handles, and where bingo and coupons bring in the little extras, Just One More Day is a deeply moving true-life account, told by mother and daughter, of how the spectre of death moved into their family, and how hard they tried to pretend it wasn’t there.

Reviews for “Just One More Day”

  • jenny tataryn says:

    lovely book. i got it as a night time read and im so glad i did.the endidng while heartbreakingly sad also portrayed a sense of peace that i felt i could reach out and touch. thank you for sharing your story. jenny.

  • colleen podmore says:

    This was my first Susan Lewis book, and I loved it. The fact that I knew from the beginning that the ending would be heart breaking did not deter me from wanting to read the book. I loved the relationships between Eddie and Eddress (tempestuous yet full of spoken and unspoken love), and the relationship between Susan and Gary (not perfect, yet, as a mother, I enjoyed the many moments of tenderness). Eddress’ strong family connection and support was beautifully described too. Thank you for a book full of emotion and heart.

    • Susan Lewis says:

      Hi Colleen, I can’t thank you enough for the praise you have lavished on this book. Obviously it is a very personal story, so it means a great deal to know that it touched you so much. Do try One Day at a Time, as it’s a follow up, hopefully you will find it answers some of the questions you were left with at the end of Just One More Day.

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