When Lisa Martin and David Kirby were forced to part, they never dreamed they might one day have a second chance. Many years later, they meet again and it is clear that, despite everything that’s happened to them, they are still the big love of each other’s life. And nothing is going to keep them apart this time around. But then they are faced with a shocking truth.


However, David won’t be defeated. In spite of knowing this is a battle they can’t win, he decides to fight anyway, in the only way he knows how. When Lisa discovers what he intends she’s so horrified. Yet, through a chink in her fear, she can see the logic of what he’s suggesting. But can she bring herself to help him…?

Reviews for “Forgotten”

  • Barbara says:

    So very much enjoyed it, it’s one of many books ( although only 6 months ago I came across one of your books and have singed exausred the libarys for more, love them all trying to get them on sequel as much as I can

  • farnoosh says:

    such an amazing book.If you let me , i want to translate it in to Farsi. i am sure that Iranian readers will enjoy this beautiful novel.


    • Susan Lewis says:

      Hi Farnoosh, this is such a wonderful offer, thank you so much. I’m afraid these things have to be arranged between publishers here in the UK, and in Iran. This is to secure copyright as well as subject integrity. As your English is so good have you ever considered becoming an official book translator? Perhaps you already have a far more interesting job. I’m very touched that you think my books would resonate with your fellow Iranians, and I will of course pass this to my publisher. With my warmest wishes to you, Susan

  • Aaminah says:

    I have just finished reading Forgotten, it was absolutely amazing to go on such a journey with Lisa and David. The way you write is wonderful. The emotion in the book is just heart touching and you express real concerns of people, probably the biggest ordeals people face in life and how we must learn to cope with them. Losing someone you love is something everyone will face one day and I find that most important about the book. I found it a very special read and it does shine a light in moments of darkness. Thanks for sharing.

    • Susan Lewis says:

      Thank YOU for sharing your thoughts about this book. I’m so glad that it touched you so deeply. You’re right in all you say, we are all of us going to have to face the loss of someone we love sooner or later. It’s never easy for anyone and sadly it’s something that gets talked about so little.

  • Sharel Miller says:

    I work at an Alzheimer/Dementia facility in Canada, it was both heartbreaking and breathtaking to peek inside the mind of David. Especially such a brilliant mind. I always knew our residents and families were in tremendous emotional pain and this book illustrates that with candor, empathy and humour. Well done you.

    • Susan Lewis says:

      Thank you for this lovely message. It means a great deal to hear from someone in your position who does such marvellous work with people suffering with dementia.

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