Cruel Venus

Allyson Jaymes has it all – celebrity, power, and a glamorous marriage. Until her world is destroyed by the bitterest betrayal of all: her husband’s explosive affair with her 19-year-old assistant, Tessa Dukes.


Tessa’s ambitions burn fiercely. Her chilling manipulation of fame and her steady destruction of so many dreams and ambitions lead all concerned into a fatal minefield of sexual obsession, psychotic jealousy and deadly treachery.


Moving from the dazzling, yet sinister, lights of London, to the deceptive haven of Italy’s romantic Amalfi Coast, Cruel Venus is a suspense-filled story of love at its very best – and absolute worst.

Reviews for “Cruel Venus”

  • anne donnachie says:

    What a great book have read a few of Susans books after finding the first one by accident in hotel library CRUEL VENUS in my opinion is one of her best although STOLEN remains my favourite Keep up the good work Susan

  • Hannie says:

    So we will not know who killed Tessa….. I expected the mother, Peggy, to find the murder weapon (the fan)in the cellar while getting the champagne to celebrate their reunion. But who sent the fan to Italy?
    I don’t know who to trust anymore after reading this book!!!
    Should I read it again?
    Did I miss something?

  • harmony says:

    I first read this book when i was 16, probably not the recommended age group, however i was enthralled by cruel venus, reading it several more times. Being a reader from a very young age, ive read and forgotten more books than i can count but this novel is one that has always stuck with me, to an extent, hauntingly. I loved it.

  • Tamiwe says:

    I just read cruel venus for the 7th time now. You are an amazing writer. I can not stop reading your books and going, in my mind, to the places you take me.

  • Chris Bourne says:

    Hello, very frustrated at the end of this book, please tell me who murdered Tessa?


    its one of the best books I’ve read it keeps one curious and never putting it down until its done………. its repeatable

    • Susan Lewis says:

      Hi Cisay, how lovely that you enjoyed this book so much. Thank you for your find kind feedback. It’s extremely generous of you to be so positive and to spare the time.

  • reveal says:

    cruel venus is one of the best books i’ve read of susan lewis. She’s my favourite writer, i am really look forward to read more of her books

    • Susan Lewis says:

      How lovely that you enjoyed this books so much. As I wrote it a while ago now it’s particularly uplifting to know that it is still able to work some magic. Thank you so much for taking the time to be in touch to pass on your kind comments.

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